Super smASH BROS.

This roster of pure Super Smash Brothers talent has been built with notable names from across our Oceanic region, and several titles under their belt.


SEbpro101 | Sebastian Poli @sebpro101

Turnup | Jack cattermole  @turnupssb

Defective dagger |   @Defectivedagger

sora | joshua lyras @liltrickshot

sock | jacob waddell  @sockssb

jarr | jarred white


ryoh | rhys thomas



   Latest Super Smash Bros News

Super Smash Bros Championship winner Luwuma
After smashing through the competition, @Luwuma secures himself yet again another championship trophy! Congratulations to both Luwuma and @JarrSSB on such a fantastic performance at...
Introducing: Super Smash Bros.
Introducing the Ground Zero Gaming Super Smash Bros. competitive roster 17/04/2020 Please welcome our latest addition to the Ground Zero 2020 competitive...