Grizzly is an Aussie variety streamer, playing all games from Dark Souls to Dota. He is a marine scientist, family man and lover of all things video games!


Captainperth is a variety streamer hailing from the western edge of Australia. Cap's stream involves just about anything, from cooking to speedrunning, japanese roleplaying games to sci-fi shooters. With intelligent commentary and copious amounts of banter, the Captain is always ready to entertain.


My name is Shawtiee, you can just call me Shawts and yes, I'm pretty short. I'm currently residing in Australia.Aside from streaming for Ground Zero OCE, I'm a vet nurse who adores every and any kind of animal.


Hi, my name is Jamie, AKA SonOfJupiter and I am primarily a rocket league streamer and professional caster. Streaming is one of many passions but another passion of mine is teaching. I am a qualified teacher who works with children who have additional needs in a special needs school. I love teaching and I use my skills to educate the gaming community about their impact whilst online.


Hi, my name is Jordan and I'm a half Samoan, half Maltese Australian gamer. I'm a full time variety streamer based out of Melbourne who has previously competed in Ground Zero's competitive Fortnite roster.


Hows everyone going, good? That's great to hear. I'm going swell also. Call me Anto, or redsnoW, or "Hey You, In The Bushes!?", and ill probably call you by your twitch alias, cool cool. 

 Now that the introductions are out of the way, I am a proud West Australian streaming under Ground Zero, playing mostly Overwatch, whilst throwing in the occasional Fortnite, Apex, CSGO, Destiny2, etc.