Health and wellbeing

Sleep and mental health

Ground Zero understands that a good sleep schedule and strong mental health support a happy and productive life. Our family style team atmosphere combined with support mechanisms for players at every point of their professional career give our teams the best environment possible to succeed. 

To get these results Ground Zero partnered with clinical psychologist, Daniel Bonnar

Daniel is a clinical psychologist who has been involved in the esports scene since 2019. After meeting our CEO, Beau he got on board the GZ train and now helps the Rocket League and CS:GO team with their psych game and mental preparation. 

Daniel is also an esports performance researcher specialising in sleep psychology. He co-leads a multi-national research group which consists of sleep psychology and sports science experts from Australia, South Korea and the US.

In his time so far with Ground Zero Daniel has wrote a study on Risk Factors and Sleep Intervention Considerations in Esports: A review and Practical Guide, with participation from the Ground Zero Rocket League and CS:GO teams. 

"Esports is a booming global industry and has been officially included in the lead-up to the 2020Olympics in Tokyo. Given that esports is a cognitive based activity, and sleep is well known to becritical for optimal cognitive functioning, our research group recently proposed that sleep might bean important determinant of esports performance"

Continue reading Daniel's study here.