Ground Zero Overwatch


Overwatch is a colourful team-based shooter game starring a diverse cast of powerful heroes. Played on multiple platforms, the game allows you to travel the world, build a team, and contest objectives in exhilarating 6v6 combat.

Promoting the values of teamwork, leadership and sportsmanship, Overwatch is role-based game in which players take ownership of a specific objective for their hero - a tank hero, a damage hero or a support hero.

Ground Zero's talented team is back stronger than ever for Contenders Season 2 - stay tuned for some exciting action!


MINNY | Robert Shishoian | 

DEWBOY | Corey Voda | @DeewBoy

DALSU | Declan Selby | 

NANDA | Kai Hwee Gray | 

GUS | Gus Scholz | 

NAAHMIE | Kurt Pedersen | @naahmie

MUNI | George Akritidis |