Ground Zero Fortnite


Having taken the world by storm with what has to be one of the most successful game launches in recent history reaching mainstream audiences like never before, Fortnite's arrival into the esports realm is unprecedented as the
popularity of the game is continuing to grow exponentially.

Epic Games recent announcement of $100,000,000 of developer support toward esports prize pools has created a buzz around the industry. Our recent expansion into Fortnite looks to combine expert players with guidance and structure to not only be successful pro’s in-game but also as entertainers and influencers for the next generation of gamers.

With a focus on content and development we are incredibly excited to be involved in what is a milestone moment for esports globally.


JJBIGMACK | Jordan Camilleri | @JJBIGMACK

REALBRUV | Albert Drago Kezic | @GZRealbruv

MUSTIZ | Daniel Mustica | @Mustiz_

COZAA | Corey Van Stiphout | @GZ_Cozaa