Founded in 2017, Ground Zero Gaming has grown to become one of the leading esports organisations in the Oceanic region. Starting out as a local community of gamers, we ran local esports events within Western Australia, where there was a gap for players outside of the professional scene. After a successful stint representing Perth in the Gfinity Series, we have remained in the professional scene, competing across a variety of game titles.

Our current professional rosters include:

Our mission

To promote health, both physically and mentally to ensure those involved and the children who look up to our players as idols all maintain balance in their lives. 

To inspire a feeling of community, and friendly culture for everyone through social interactions and events. Esports is becoming a platform for the less sociable to interact and become part of a community they may not have felt confident enough to do so otherwise.

To educate and facilitate the benefits and best practices of esports within society, between both parents and their children, as the online and gaming community continues to expand to younger ages.