Introducing: Super Smash Bros.

Introducing the Ground Zero Gaming Super Smash Bros. competitive roster


Please welcome our latest addition to the Ground Zero 2020 competitive Roster!

Sebastian "Sebpro101 "Poli
Rhys "Ryoh"  Thomas
Jarred "Jarr" White
Thomas "Darr" Ogilvie
Jacob "Sock" Waddell

"This roster of pure Super Smash Brothers talent has been built with notable names from across our Oceanic region. Our youngest being Sebpro101 featuring from Victoria is an experienced player who's known for his quick decision plays in-game, at his young age he has already won his own SSBU Major title last year at Biggie II in Wellington, New Zealand. As well as Seb we have a the infamous Perth duo recently of Overt of Jarr & Darr, who each represent a seat in the WA Smash top 10. Lastly our fourth member of the squad is Sock, a SSBM prodigy who recently represented Athletico at Phantom 2020 taking home a top 8 finish. To round off this talented group of individuals we've brought in a new well experienced manager to the Ground Zero family who'll be heading the team." - Brad "Ozzie" Moore

Welcome to the team!