Introducing Ground Zero Rocket League

We are pleased to announce the addition of Julz, Siki and Decka to the Ground Zero family.
“Very excited for myself and the team to join the Ground Zero family and the opportunities this collaboration presents to both sides. I'd like to thank my team mates Siki and Decka for putting in the hard yards ever since we formed back in January leading us to where we are now. More importantly however I'm keen to continue this Journey with them and the Ground Zero family, further developing as a team and achieving our goals.”

Julz - Team Captain
Following a victory against ICON in the Gfinity Rocket League Oceanic Masters, Ground Zero Rocket League (previously Out of Order) have qualified for Rocket League Esports World Championships.
Our team will be heading to Newark, New Jersey for the Season 7 World’s between June 21st - 23rd, to compete in a share of the $500,000+ USD prize pool. The team will also travel to Valencia to compete in the third leg of the Dreamhack 2019 Pro Circuit in early July (5-7th), followed by the Dreamhack Montreal 2019 tournament in September (6-8th).
We are thrilled with the addition of Julz, Decka and Siki to the GZ family!
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