CS:GO Roster Update: Liki & Pearss

Farewell Liki


Announcing the departure of Benson "Liki" Liuila and Joel "Pearss" Kurta, from their roles as core players on the Ground Zero Gaming 2020 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Competitive Roster.

Rounding out the roster early in 2020, Pearss first triumph was solidified by a victory at the WESG 2019 Oceania LAN finals held in Sydney. Throughout his tenure, Pearss has been a vital core player, contributing to the successes of the roster throughout many tournaments.

Ben "Liki" Niuila joined shortly after the departure of Void, early in May. Filling the void left within the team, Liki showed his strengths and shone throughout many matches.

We're so thankful for both Pearss & Liki's contributions to the team and we wish them all the best with whats next!