CS:GO Roster Update: HudzM

Introducing HudzM


Following the departure of Kingfisher from GZG, we are pleased to welcome Michael "HudzM" Hudson as the latest addition to the Ground Zero 2020 CS:GO competitive roster as the team coach!

"I'm honoured to join such a household name in Oceanic esports. Cal and the boys have built a great work environment in which I was able to slot in nicely. We are working hard to cement ourselves as one of the premier teams in the region—and beyond. - Michael "HudzM" Hudson, CS:GO Team Coach

HudzM has been working with the team since the departure of Kingfisher, and with the arrival of Liki to the roster, we are excited to see what we can achieve heading into season 2 of ESL's ANZ Champs.

You can find HudzM here: twitter.com/HudzMcsgo

For CS:GO match updates follow: twitter.com/GroundZeroOCE