CS:GO Roster Update: Void

Farewell Void


Announcing the departure of Cooper "Void" Farrell, from his role as a core player on the Ground Zero Gaming 2020 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Competitive Roster.

"Void is an absolute superstar of a human, I would give up my left leg to shake his hand again. He has my eternal respect and my crunchyroll details. 20/10 would fan again" - Sneakz, Void superfan

That smile, that damned smile

Void has had a long history with Ground Zero Gaming, after a 474 day "trial" period, Void was finally given an official spot on the team. He has competed at the top tier with GZG throughout many seasons of ESEA MDL, ESL AUNZ (later ANZ) Champs, The Gfinity Elite Series, LPL Pro and online tournaments & qualifiers. 

"Void has been the sunshine & heart of the Ground Zero roster for as long as I've been with the organisation, he has been an absolute pleasure to work with & my heart is broken to see him go. I have the highest faith that with whatever he chooses to do next, he will be phenomenal, and I hope he gets the much deserved rest he needs " - Jessica "Bicycleday" Pulo, Social Media Manager

“Today we say goodbye to one of our current CSGO roster’s longest lasting players, a member who will be considered a friend to the organisation for years to come. Cooper ‘void’ Farrell has been an incredible talent and piece to Ground Zeroes success since he joined originally back in mid 2018, substituting for Dylan ‘Kyoto’ Brown in the Gfinity Elite Series. Since then he has proven his worth to our brand as a valuable team player who has always been a consistent pillar to our teams success, qualifying for many in ANZ LAN events as well as being an idol on stage at the internationals.

We understand that some times players burn out, at times what it is that you love can always be what tears you down the hardest. We wish Cooper the very best for the rest of his future in esports, whether it be competing on a rival team or even taking a hand at casting.

Forever a friend, GZ family until the end.” - Brad "Ozzie" Moore, CS:GO Manager

We have nothing but the utmost respect for Cooper (our President) and wish him all the best with what he decides to do next!