CS:GO Roster Update: 2020 Line up

Introducing Ground Zero's fresh new CS:GO roster

Following the teams success over the weekend at the AUNZ WESG LAN Final in Sydney, we are pleased to announce our refreshed Counter-strike competitive roster for 2020.



Ground Zero's longest standing CS:GO player and IGL, BurnRUOK, has experienced first hand the trials and tribulations of potential GZ players.

"As the only official member of Ground Zero's CS:GO team I thought it adamant to move very quickly in the trialling process, one short year later here we are with 4 players who can now call themselves part of the GZ family." - BurnRUOK

Following the departure of Kyoto in late 2018, Void was given the opportunity to trial & fill the position. We are happy to announce, after more than a full year trialling for the team, Void has successfully been offered a permanent home. 

 "474 days ago on October 18th, 2018, I accepted an offer to join Ground Zero on a trial basis. Many changes have come and gone within this time but one thing has remained the same, me being on trial. I'm quite excited to see this announcement actually, although my expectations are so low for this actually happening even giving this quote is raising my suspicions. Please just announce me, I need a home." - Void


Llamas & Noobster

The departure of Pan1k & Zemp from the main roster (see Greatest break up video of all time) left a hole in our roster, that as a team, we were unsure we could fill. After a successful and gruelling trial process, we are pleased to welcome both Llamas & Noobster as additions to the Ground Zero family.

"Sooooo excited to 'finally' be announced as part of the ground zero roster after a very extended 'trial'. Keen to see how far we can go with this roster once void can pass his trial and officially be announced as part of the team as well." - Llamas


Finally, the introduction of Pearss to the Ground Zero roster after an incredibly successful and short trial period. Pearss position was solidified by a victory at the WESG 2019 Oceania LAN finals held in Sydney over the weekend.

"Very excited to join this promising Ground Zero roster after a mere two weeks of being on trial. I’m extremely proud of Void, Llamas and Noobster for finally passing their trial despite taking FAR longer than myself to do so. Hopefully HTT can recognise us as a real team now." - Pearss



We are excited to see what our roster can accomplish!