2020 Overwatch Contenders Roster

2020 Overwatch Contenders Roster


Introducing our starting roster for Overwatch Contenders 2020

With the addition of Park Su Youngs "Nyang" & flex sub Felix "CKM" Murray, both previously of Sydney Drop bears, and Dale "Signed" Tang as our projectile expert. 

Adding support players Max "Unter" Unterwurzacher, previously of Order, and Giorgio "Tongue" Lahdo of Warriors, to the mix.

First time contenders player Riley "Cuffa" Brown as our starting main tank, complimented by Orders Off tank Adam "Adam" Soong.

We have every confidence in our roster & we're looking forward to causing an upset this season with 2019s season 1 & 2 winners Unter, Adam & Signed, top performers Tongue, Nyang & CKM and newcomer Cuffa.

“We’re excited for the potential of this new roster for this upcoming season, with a core past seasons winners in the mix and all the roster shuffles we’ll be sure to cause a shakeup"

- Matt "Sheep" Woolley, General Manager


Seeding matches start 10/01/2019.

You can follow the teams progress on twitter: @GroundZeroOCE